How to Ship a Funko Pop!

Image of shipping a Pop credit to u/clonetek

We provide a few Funko shipping tips from a logistics veteran. Don’t make a shipping mistake again.

Learn to Collect Mystery Minis

What are Mystery Minis and why people collect them. Mystery Minis are Funko’s way of saying you want to collect pop culture and don’t want to spend the $10 – $15? Here is our $5-$8 solution for you. Most popular Pop! lines are complemented with a Mystery Mini line. Mystery Minis are a Flippers Paradise […]

How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop!

how to spot a fake funko pop

Everyone has heard the horror story of an unfortunate trade or transaction resulting in a someone receiving a fake Funko Pop! Some even purposely test their luck purchasing ridiculously low priced vaulted or exclusive items to finish a collection. Whether it’s by choice or horrible misfortune, we all run the risk of becoming the victim […]

Finder’s Series Revisited: Target

Finder’s Series Revisited: Target

Target has evolved since our first Finders Series on the podcast, but still remains a retailer clouded in Funko Pop! conspiracies. From theories of employees hiding pop to lost shipments, Target often receives an unwarranted bad rap from collectors. However, Target employees are now well aware of the craziness of collectors, become familiar with the […]

How To Use Brickseek

Hunting for Funko Pops can be one of the most exciting and frustrating aspects of the hobby. On the podcast, we have referenced a tool called Brickseek a number of times (check out EP2 What the Funko is Going On). Brickseek can be your best friend when hunting for the notoriously difficult to find, Target […]